GM Surpasses 400 EV Charging Stations at Facilities

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Photo of General Motors facility in Baltimore courtesy of GM.
Photo of General Motors facility in Baltimore courtesy of GM.

General Motors has installed 401 electric vehicle charging stations at its U.S. production and business facilities, the automaker has announced.

More than 20 percent of the stations use electricity generated from solar canopies to help charge employee vehicles.

The majority of the stations are located at GM’s large engineering and corporate facilities in Michigan, where employee ownership of battery-electric vehicles is growing steadily. All charge stations are available free of charge to GM employees and visitors.

In addition to workplace charging, GM has another 400 charge spots dedicated exclusively to vehicle development and testing. Chevrolet and Cadillac dealers have installed approximately 5,900 charge stations at their locations for owner use; 17 of these dealerships use solar charging canopies.


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Charging At Someone’s Home?

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Question: What are the “rules of the road” when charging at someone’s home?

  • Do you offer to pay for the power?
  • Is the homeowner supposed to “entertain” you while you charge?
  • Should you sit in the car and read a book while guest-charging???

Some EV owners post their residences on apps such as and generally decline to accept payment

What are some clever “Payment” Ideas?

Take family out to dinner.
Leave $10.00 each time you charge.
Leave  wine, cookies, and heartfelt thanks.

This isn’t really about the money as much as it is about the community.

Please add your input!

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