The EV Rules

10 Simple Rules for EV Charging Stations

1. First Come, First Served

The first car at a plug-in charger has priority.

2. Respect EV Parking Spots

While gas cars are prohibited, EVs should only park in a plug-in spot while charging.

3. Only Charge When Necessary

Don’t charge if you don’t need to, EV spots are there for drivers who really need it.

4. Leave When You’re Done

Unplug and move elsewhere when your charging is complete to free up the spot for a fellow EV driver.

5. Be Polite to Gas Cars

When a non-EV car parks in a charging spot, leave a well-intentioned note so they won’t make the mistake again. The reputation the EV community must remain positive.

6. Respect Plug-in Hybrids

Don’t unplug a plug-in hybrid just because it has a gas engine.

7. Electric Takes Priority Over Plug-in Hybrids

Plug-in hybrid cars are allowed to use charging stations but EVs take precedence.

8. Only Unplug Another EV Once it’s Completely Done

If you need to make the switch, leave a gracious note explaining why it was unplugged and include your contact info.

9. Ask Nice & Pay It Forward

If you need a spot while another EV is charging, park beside it and leave a note asking the driver to plug you in once their charge is complete.  Also be sure to return the favor whenever asked.

10. Take Care of Charging Equipment

When you’re done, neatly wrap the cord around its holder and tuck in the plug.



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